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1.9.2018-Writing Prompts

Outline four points of the platform for your “third party” candidate.


1) Balanced budget every time, or Congress gets a pay cut

2) Cut big government, give States more power

3) Immigration reform, we are no longer a free acceptance nation

4) Respect for our nation, and it’s citizens


1.1.2018-Writing Prompts

Write a Facebook post about your day, one year from now. 

‘Happy New Year 

Im starting my year off with a bang. I have so many things to be grateful for…my 3 year old daughter, my 1 year old son, my 6 years of marriage to my beautiful wife, my decision to continue college (currently on my 3rd full semester as a senior). 

I’m gaining experience in my psychology field, my new job is helping with that. I’m excited to graduate with my Bachelors degree and start research and writing reports on my findings.

The past couple years have really tested my faith, love, compassion for others, and my strength. Today is the beginning of a new year and the beginning of new adventures with my little family. 

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.’

Day 13, WC 

What are you excited about? 

I’m a gamer dad, so the most exciting thing for me right now would have to be the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wind.

Being a very avid Final Fantasy fan, I’ve always loved Legend of Zelda. Now, Breath of the Wind is an open world rpg. Like Elder Scrolls series, but the map seems to be a lot more massive. 

The Switch is also exciting, because not only can you play your games at home, but it also has the portability to take your game anywhere you go. It’s advanced even for its time. Even though the Vita has remote play, it’s just not the same. Since you have to have WiFi in order for it to work. However, the switch, you actually take the system with you. It’s strange, weird, and I love it. 

Day 10, WC

Write about something you feel strongly about.

I am all for everyone being treated the same and having laws that reflect a sense of equality. However, equality is a myth and can never happen 100% and is a waste of time trying to achieve it. Forcing people into acceptance is not right nor a form of equality. 

Some things are more important than our own personal needs or interests. And such notions are not for the federal government to be concerned with. Start with the states, give the power back to the states, ask them to make the difference. 

Asking the federal government to help only gives them the power to control your life. You should be able to take responsibility and be responsible for your own actions, and make the right decisions for your own life. No one else should be able to tell you how to live your life. 

Keep government small and out of our lives.