Day 8, WC

Share something you struggle with.

I feel the biggest thing I struggle with is over thinking. It can be to the point where I drive myself crazy. I’ve even made up scenarios that never happened nor would ever happen.

Although, I’ve learned a lot about myself by over thinking. It has made me research many things, and I’ve even found peace in meditation and yoga. Even turning to Buddhism has helped tremendously. 

I’ve read many books by Thích Nhât Hąnh. His words have inspired me to turn to the present moment by catching myself everything I start to over think and bring myself back to the present moment. Even his meditation style is unique and calming.

Even though this doesn’t stop nor eliminate the over thinking, it does help control it. Some ways it has helped me in my writing, and even drawing conclusions in certain situations. I am able, now, to control it more so than before. 

(This was from yesterday, just forgot to post)


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