Day 4, WC

Write about someone who inspires you.

The are several people in my life that inspire me in different ways. My parents inspire me, my brothers inspire me, my wife, my daughter, and even my boss inspires me. I guess in what context do I wanna write about those that inspire me.

My parents inspire me to be the best I can be all the time. In ways to be a better person, in general,  and to be a better father and husband to my little family. They have always been there for me, through any and everything I’ve had to go through.

My oldest brother inspires me to never give up and to try my hardest at anything I want to accomplish. He teaches me to be humbly successful in all that I do, and to push forward even if I fail. My middle brother inspires me to be resourceful and prepared for just about anything that might come along. Both of them showed me what it means to be a great father and continue to grow themselves each and every day. 

My wife inspires me to do the things I’m passionate about and pushes me to do them. For example, this Writing Challenge was her idea for me to do. She also inspires me to always be a great father and husband, by staying strong through everything we go through. Whether it be my surgery, as of recently, or our family’s income. She is always there to brighten the mood and is a wonderful role model for our daughter.

Speaking of our daughter, Belle inspires me to hold on to my imagination and wonder. The way she looks at things is so inspiring as if everything is so special in its own way, which it is. Her laughter and smile can warm any heart, and she is always so happy. She inspires me to not overthink and to take whatever life throws at you and continue on with a smile and a laugh.

Lastly, my boss, inspires me to be a leader and a more responsible adult. He too is someone I look up to as he is a wonderful father and husband, who puts family first, and yet still manages to keep the store together. It takes more than just me to get through life or even just the day. I have a better understanding of people, from him, and have gained confidence in my communication with others. 

There are several people in my life that inspire me to be a better me. Not in a way that changes who I am, but to make me a better individual and person, in whole. I’ve gained a better understanding of the world, relationships, and the order of Business Development through each of these people. And like them, everyday is a learning experience that will and should never end.


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