Day 3, WC

Your top 3 pet peevs.

1) mismatch socks

I’m not really sure why it is, but it really drives me crazy. If I don’t notice them then it’s fine, but if pointed out or if totally noticeable then that’s all I think about. 

My niece likes to do it on purpose just because she knows it bothers me, and she thinks it’s funny. Gotta love her though.

2) people eating chips or anything crunchy in a silent room.

It’s actually any kind of loud eating. If there is other noise going on that drowns out the eating noise then it’s not a bother. However, once it goes silent and that’s all I hear it’s torture.

3) lack of common sense 

This is one of those things that’s just hard to find now a days, especially in politics. Annoying as it is, however, I still feel compassion for the less fortunate who lack such an important critical thinking aspect in life. I mean how do you live without it? 


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