Day 2, WC

Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot..

There are several things people have told me about myself that have made an impact on me, but if I had to chose just one. 

I have been told multiple times that I’m a spiritually strong person. Whether it be my compassion for others, my ability to see the best in people, or my willingness to help however I can. This has always been at the forefront of my mind.

I’m also trying to think of ways to help others through my writing, or just odd jobs on the Internet. I’m trying to incorporate my passion for knitting/crocheting and my spiritual abilities, ex prayer shawls and such. 

I’ve always enjoyed studying religion and spiritual practices, and have adopted a lot from Buddhism. I feel I have a lot to offer the world, I just need an outlet in which to spread my happiness. Writing is a great start in my opinion. 

I’ve also studied psychology, which is good in understanding people and how/why they feel certain ways. It also helps with raising my daughter, knowing the different developmental phases and seeing them at work is exciting and informative. 

So I guess that would be the thing that I remember the most from what others tell me about myself. 


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