Day 1, WC

List 10 things that make you really happy..

1. My Princess Annabelle and my wonderful wife

2. Reading a great book

3. Yoga

4. Writing just whatever comes to mind

5. Time period movies and shows, ex. Outlander

6. Cupcakes

7. Psychology, learning

8. Theology, learning

9. Walks in nature, being outdoors

10. Video games, especially anything Final Fantasy

I love music as well, but it was a list of 10 things. I enjoy all music, but not to fond of the modern rap going on. 

My wife has been trying to come up with ways to spend my time since my surgery, since I get bored real easily. So this Writing Challenge is one of the ways to occupy my time. Plus it gets me thinking of stuff to write about and I love writing. 


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