I have a brain tumor. At least, that is what they have told me. It’s been several weeks now, since I’ve come to this realization. However, as time creeps closer to the date set for my surgery, I can’t help but think that maybe it’s not as simple as a brain tumor, but maybe it might be something more sinister.

As I sat in the ER, I was joking with my mom. Maybe I have super powers, maybe I’m transforming into something or evolving into something. The answer that came from my mother was, “Well, I guess you arent gonna go home.” Then she laughed. Yet, funny as that sounded, I was, in fact, not going home that night.

After only several hours and a CT scan later, the ER doctor came in my room. He did not carry himself as nonchalantly as before, and the cheerful grin was reduced to a mere worried look. That is when he told us that this situation was more dire that he had originally thought.

…to be continued